Community & Environment

OreCorp regards caring for the environment as an integral part of its business and is committed to operating in a responsible manner which minimises its impact on the environment.

The Company seeks to ensure that throughout all phases of activity personnel and contractors give proper consideration to the care of the community, flora, fauna, land, air and water. 

OreCorp seeks to develop and maintain positive, enduring relationships with its host communities in line with the Company’s Code of Ethics and Conduct by striving for mutual understanding of each other’s needs and aspirations.

Relations and engagement with all levels of Tanzanian Government and the Community have been excellent and constructive.

The local community are extremely supportive of the Nyanzaga Project and the Company has built a strong relationship with the local communities through continuing engagement at all levels. An Environmental Certificate for the Project has been granted by the Tanzanian Government.

To date the Company has spent a total over TZS 370 million on the following community projects;

  • Building the Ngoma Police Station
  • Building and refurbishing classrooms at various local Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Upgrading the Sengerema District road from Mabilu-Lubungo
  • Supplying school desks for various local schools
  • Building washrooms for various local schools
  • Providing water supply well for Sotta village
  • Providing dormitory beds for Ngoma Secondary School
  • Deepening of the Sotta village dam
  • Supplying cement to the Village Dispensary and District Commissioner Building
  • Provision of iron sheets for roofing of local schools
  • Donation of supplies to health centres and dispensaries

OreCorp has also established a local football team (OreCorp United) which comprises employees, casuals, tradesmen and volunteers from the local community. OreCorp United were the premiers of the 2020 Nyunya’s Cup.

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